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We focus on value-creating immigrants.

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The Law Offices of Xingye Yan, Esq., LLC, is a boutique U.S. law firm with rich professional experience and extraordinary services. By providing tailored and reasonably-priced legal assistance, we proudly serve value-creating immigrants and their families.

Our Services

Immigration Law

We focus on EB-1 visas

  • EB-1A: people of extraordinary abilities
  • EB-1B: outstanding professors and researchers
  • EB-1C: multinational managers and executives

Employment-based visas: EB-2/EB-3 green cards; H-1b nonimmigrant workers; L-1 intracompany transferees; O-1 individuals with extraordinary ability

Business Law

Business law is our strength

  • Organizing businesses
  • Investment, employment, and other commercial contracts
  • Government compliance issues

Labor Law: Employment/independent contractor contracts; labor law compliance issues, etc.

Intellectual Property: Trademark registration; trade secrets protection, etc.

Real Estate Law

We protect your investment in the U.S.

  • Real property transfers
  • Commercial property investment and transfers
  • Zoning and real estate tax appeals

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Law Offices of Xingye Yan, Esq., LLC

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